After my son’s almost fatal fall from a 7-foot lofted bed on his college campus, I created Rail Against the Danger (RAD) to bring about change; change in perception AND in policy regarding the very real danger in sleeping in a bunk or loft bed with no safety rail.

We are seeking to close a “loophole” in our current system that allows institutional beds to remain unsafe and unregulated while every other bed that is sold to a consumer is, by law, sold with a safety rail.

There are several things you can do as a concerned parent and/or student.

1. Approach Your School's Housing Director

The first is to approach your school’s Housing Director to inquire about a rail for the bed.  It may require going “up the chain” to the Dean of Students or even the president of the university. In doing so, please be firm and polite. Share RAD’s web link so they can see firsthand what can happen to students who roll out of bed sound asleep.

2.  Report The Issue To The CPSC

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) exists to help safeguard all
consumers against unsafe products. Bunk and loft beds six and seven feet off the ground
without a safety rails are inherently dangerous. In fact, the same beds sold in the private
sector in retail stores are required by law to have a safety rail.

Institutional beds (those not sold directly to the consumer) don’t have the same requirement. This includes, residence halls, military barracks, prisons, camps, cruise ships, vacation homes, etc. You can take action by reporting an unsafe bed to By making a report, you can help other parents and caregivers be aware of the dangers of sleeping in elevated beds.

3. Educate Yourself and Others

Learn about the risks and share the knowledge with your friends and their parents. If you haven’t already, watch the videos on our homepage, maybe peruse the testimonials and the Wall of Fame/Shame.

Tell another parent who might be making decisions regarding campus living with their own teenagers. Consider sharing our website and/or video on any college parent sites you may be associated with. RAD has had some great outreach on Grown & Flown’s Facebook page, which now boasts over 100,000 members. You may save a life or prevent serious injury!

4. Sign Our Petition at

There really is power in numbers! If we stand together to bring dangerous conditions on our campuses to light, we can make lasting change and shape the future!
Lend your signature here and help us make that change a reality!

Sign the petition to help Universities need to offer safe beds!

At the present time, RAD isn’t pursuing any legislative action but these
numbers can help if we ever need to head in that direction.

5. Contribute To Our Cause

You can contribute funds to help our mission.  Every dollar donated to RAD goes to further our mission of changing perception and policy regarding safety rails on bunk and loft beds. The bulk of our donated funds go to advertising, advocacy, print materials, and speaking engagements/conferences. Any amount you can spare is appreciated and will be used to help bring about lasting change.

Donations can be made directly to RAD via Paypal.  If you want to give via Amazon Smile, simply designate Rail Against the Danger at checkout.

Please donate today!

Bed without a guard rail.
Bed without a guard rail.
Bed with a guard rail.
Bed with a guard rail.