When I walked into my freshman dorm room for the first time, I was so excited! This was my first room away from home…complete with my own desk, drawers, and the bunk bed where I would sleep.

When I climbed into that bed every night, it didn’t cross my mind a single time that it was dangerous. No one I knew had ever fallen out of their bed, so it wasn’t on my radar at all.

That is, until a year and a half later, when I rolled out of a loft bed in my sleep and suffered a traumatic brain injury that almost killed me. The brain injury and stroke I suffered caused serious injury to my brain and body and I will probably deal with the repercussions for the rest of my life.

Before my fall, I never would’ve given rails a second thought. But now I am an outspoken advocate for them. Something so simple could have prevented so much pain and anguish for me and for my family. Don’t let it happen to you. Get a safety rail.

Clark advocating for bed rails