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Rail Against The Danger

RAD to speak at ACUHO-i Convention

In late October, Rail Against the Danger will be attending the ACUHO-i convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Larry Christensen, Executive Housing Director at Georgia College in Milledgeville, GA. ACUHO-i (Association of College and University Housing Officers-International) is a professional association for student affairs administrators who work in residence life within higher education. Founded in 1951, ACUHO-I has almost 1,000 member institutions in 16 countries. RAD will be making a presentation to the conference attendees about the importance of safety rails in the college setting. Our intent is to bring about sweeping change across the country that will require safety rail usage on all bunk and loft beds.

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RAD succeeds in changing Georgia policy on campus safety rails!

Starting in Fall 2019, all 26 colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia will have safety rails ON as the default. 

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NEW Bunk Bed Study Shows 100% Increase in ER Visits

A recent study released in May of this year shows some startling numbers regarding ER visits from bunk and loft bed falls. The study (2007-2016) that was focused on injuries from the educational setting showed an almost 100% increase in the number of ER visits. The prior study completed in 2008 documented 36,000 cases vs. 71,000 in the newer study. Please note that these are Emergency Room visits only, so the “real” number is actually much higher when you add in urgent care, private physicians, and the minor injuries that don’t seek treatment. SAFETY RAILS SAVE LIVES! Please talk to your Housing Director if your university doesn’t currently provide rails.

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RAD Featured on “Inside Edition” Segment

Rail Against the Danger was featured on a recent “Inside Edition” piece after a bunk bed accident on the set of ABC’s “The Bachelorette”. One of the bachelors, David Ravitz, rolled out of his bunk sound asleep and landed on his face resulting in a stay in ICU, multiple broken bones in his face, a black eye, and a broken nose. RAD is grateful to Kim Pestolozzi for coming to Atlanta last October to produce this segment that shows the prevalence and severity of bunk and loft bed injuries. 


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Georgia Tech Becomes “Rails ON” Campus!

Georgia Tech became the 3rd campus in the state to voluntarily install safety rails on all elevated beds. After purchasing over 8,000 safety rails, GT begins the arduous task of installing safety rails on any bed over 30″ off the ground per CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards. Upon checking into their rooms, students in residence halls will find the rail in place to prevent injury from rolling out of the bed. Language in the Housing contract states the reason for the rail and explains the liability the student assumes should the rail be removed. RAD is still working toward every public campus in the state of Georgia installing safety rails on bunk and loft beds by Fall 2019.

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Rail Unveils New Video Aimed At Parents And Students!

Your teenagers are off to college and making a lot of choices on their own, but there’s one decision that parents and students should make together…

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